Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tough Choices

Dinner or Library? Library

Gym or Library? Library

Going out or going to the Library? Library

Shower or Library? Library

Work or Library? Library

Sleep or Library? Library

One Library or the other Library or the other Library? Ouch, got me there.

Alternate titles considered for this post: Where I've been; Why I'm fat and have no friends; . . . and I used to like to read; Why grad school sucks and I hate my life


  1. I've commented once, about one of your saints...I totally feel you about this! I have SOOO much to do before Thanksgiving. 18 credits is killer. I don't know how I'll get through, but somehow I will.

  2. Are libraries and museums free in the US?

    Entrance is free in the UK, including borrowing books for three weeks at a time.

  3. Lee - good luck! I'm actually only taking 6 credits this semester, and it's a good thing - because these 2 classes are owning me, way more so than any full schedule I've ever taken!

    Victor - Libraries are usually (maybe always?) free. Museums are usually not, except for the Smithsonian.