Monday, April 26, 2010

This ain't no Farmville

In addition to an overwhelming amount of work this spring, I've also begun/tried to take up gardening. I planted 8 broccoli seeds, and figured I'd never need 8, so I gave 4 of the sprouts to my mom. I planted 2, but didn't have a chance to plant the remaining 2. Those first 2 disappeared. The second 2 I planted in pots a week later, but they don't seem to be doing very well. I either kept them in their egg carton seed pots too long, or didn't harden them off long enough. I may or may not get broccoli out of one of them.

Of the 8 lettuce seeds I planted, I think 5 sprouted. I transplanted them into larger pots (yogurt cups) sooner, and have been at the hardening off process longer, but I do wish I had them in the ground already. Maybe after I finish writing the final paper I should be writing right now.

Of the 4 spinach seeds I planted, only 1 sprouted. It's doing about the same as the lettuce seedlings, as I've been treating them the same. I just sprouted 3 more seeds in a damp paper towel this weekend, because I wanted more than 1 spinach plant. I'm only 1 person, so I probably don't need 4, but now I have 4, if these 3 - that I just put in pots this afternoon - make it.

I also planted 4 tomato seeds, of which 3 sprouted. If they all make it - and 2 are growing better than the third - I will have more than enough tomatoes. Even if only those 2 make it, I will have plenty of tomatoes.

I have never so looked forward to salads.

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