Monday, April 13, 2009

The Atlas District: Cool Stuff to do Locally

I'm getting ready to break my lease (no penalty if we find new tenants) and, since my roommate isn't staying in DC, to find a new roommate and a new apartment. I live in a neighborhood that tends to be alternately described as "family oriented," "on the upswing," and "the ghetto." I love it - except that Metro access is not easy, which essentially means my friends will never come visit. I survive, though I'm not sure I could take it if I ended up without a roommate; still, I'd really like to stay in the neighborhood. Looking around the internet has only made me realize how much I like it around here, and how much I wish I'd taken more advantage of the resources around here over the past year.

H St. Farmers' Market
We have a farmers' market? I guess I should be up before noon on Saturdays sometimes.

H St. Shuttle Schedule

H St. Country Club
If I recall correctly, this place is going to be a bar with indoor mini-golf. Whoa.

A. Litteris
This place looks just like my Italian deli at home, except bigger and better! How did I never know it was here?

And I've never even been to any of the cool bars in the Atlas District; nor have I been to Eastern Market since I was an undergrad.

One month left until I head home for the summer. How many of these things do you think I can get done between finals?

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