Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stressed OUT

Apologies for the low post volume lately. The pressures of finding an apartment, finding an internship, and worrying about how I'll pay for an apartment when I don't get paid for an internship have been getting to me.* They've also been taking up most of my online time. And making me wonder how I ever thought myself mature enough be doing grown-up things. I can't even handle grown-up stresses when I'm still partially supported by my parents and have them to fall back on if I run out of money (just let Mom know tonight that I'll likely be exercising that option next semester). How will I ever handle them when I actually have to be fully responsible for all of my debts?

*Oh, and noticing that I appear to have bounced a tuition check, even though my account had sufficient funds. WTF? There's a $35 returned check fee down the drain.

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