Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who is this saint? Pt. 4

Can you identify this saint?

Personally, my guess is St. Martin of Tours. He seems to be wearing armor of some type (St. Martin was a soldier and the patron saint of soldiers) and he's wearing a red cloak. I don't know, really, whether St. Martin's cloak is supposed to actually have been red, but is certainly is in most of the images I'm familiar with. Generally, I associate with St. Martin an armored soldier on horseback who is in the process of cutting his cloak in half to give to the [pictured] beggar. That he's standing, that there's no beggar in sight, and that he's holding a cross all gave me doubts. Is St. Martin often pictured with a cross? I thought, when I saw this, that that would have been a give-away attribute, but I'm still a little uncertain on this one. I'm willing to call him St. Martin, but I'm not sure that he is, in fact, St. Martin.

Please correct me if you know better!

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  1. This is St. Expeditus. If you google him you'll find this picture.