Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Part VII

1. I was so close to skipping this week. I still might (well, not if you're reading, of course). 7 Quick Takes seems like so many. . . it seems like I don't think about 7 whole things per week, because if I did, I wouldn't have so much trouble coming up with 7 whole things to write about. I think I'll be supplementing this week's with embarrassing things about me, just to keep it interesting.

2. Embarrassing Fact 1: For a very, very long time, I thought Fergie the singer and Fergie the Duchess of York were the same person. It was an odd carreer path, but hey, stranger things have happened, right?

3. I can't believe I'm saying this, but all of the sudden, I'm starting to have trouble with the theory of Evolution. I've always believed what I saw as basic Catholic teaching on the subject - Faith and Reason don't conflict, they supplement each other; we can't deny Science, but there's no necessary conflict between Evolution and Creation; a "day" in Genesis didn't have to be a literal 24 hours but could refer to the period of time during which God created Earth, or plants, or Man. I never had trouble reconciling Evolution and Creation, but suddenly I'm having a lot of trouble trying to reconcil Evolution and the Fall. I know the Church doesn't have a lot of definitive teaching on the subject, and what I've glanced over so far hasn't enlightened me much. Is anyone familiar with some clear, concise, Catholic teaching on this one?

4. Embarrassing Fact 2: I once totalled my car - as well as the car I hit head-on - trying to kill a spider. When people hear this, they ask, "Was it a really big spider?" It was not. Imagine a pencil eraser. Cut that in half. It was smaller than that. But it was JUMPING! (No one was seriously hurt, though there were fears I'd broken my nose.)

5. What does it say about me that suddenly, when I'm having trouble reconciling Faith and Science, I start to doubt Science? That's never been the case before, and it scares me a little.

6. Embarrassing Fact 3: Until we were both well on our way through college, both Suellen and I pronounced "monster" (the scary creature) the same way we pronounced "Munster" (the cheese). We'd heard people pronouncing it "MONS-ter," but assumed they were wrong, like people who say "orange" like "OR-anje" instead of "ARE-anje." I think I still usually pronounce it our way, and I'm still just about convinced that everyone else in the English-speaking world is wrong about this one and she and I are right.

7. On the genealogy front, last night I came across this blurb in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online, which I'm almost certain refers to my great-great-great-grandfather:
I'm going to have to say I don't 100% believe the reporting. So we really think the suicide attempt was due to the fighting with a teenager and not the financial ruin?
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  1. Re: #2: My hubby thought the same thing. I didn't realize this and as I prattled on, he was becoming more and more confused. Glad we got that one cleared up!
    Re: #7: Interesting article. My father's family also hails from Brooklyn.