Monday, February 9, 2009

Crochet Stuff

For the record, I've been trying to post more pictures of my crocheting projects - I finished several more scarves and a baby blanket for my cousin over Christmas break. I've had a difficult time getting the pictures from my camera to my computer though. The camera is new - it was a Christmas present - but I've uploaded pictures from it before, as evidenced by the few crochet projects I've posted on here so far. I can't figure out what I was doing differently then to make it work.

I'm currently working on a blanket, in red and white, for. . . well, I'm not 100% sure who it's for yet. I haven't been able to find any yarn stores that sell good, cheap, yarn - in the vein of Michael's or A.C. Moore - in DC that are easily accessible. There's one way out in Rockville. Everything in the city is small, boutiquey, and expensive, and doesn't appear to even sell yarns like Lion brand or Red Heart, much less at a good price. I had conceived of this project as a blanket for my aunt, as a thank you gift for her inviting us to her house for vacation every summer, and I chose colors that reminded me of her and her house. That was over a year ago, though, and I hadn't done any work since, but when I finished the baby blanket and needed something else to do, it had to involve that yarn, since it was all I had in the house and I had nowhere to buy anything else. As much as I'd like to make my aunt a blanket, though, I could do that any year. I have three cousins getting married this year, though, two of whose weddings I'll be attending, and one in particular (though the other one, too) for whom I thought I blanket would be a particularly good wedding present.

There's definitely not time to do both. Do I give this blanket to my cousin, even though I can't help but think of my aunt as I make it? I'd have to conceive of an entirely new blanket for my aunt, too, and ignore the blanket I have in my head for my cousin (It'd be sage and gold, I think). Or do I give to my aunt, as I'd always planned, for no particular reason at all, and not have anything much to give my cousin on the very big occasion of her wedding?

This is all, of course, complicated by the fact that I only actually had a couple skeins of yarn for this project, which are almost gone, and I won't have more until I go back to NY (for the engagement party of said cousin, in fact) in two weeks, which just puts a delay on the project, whichever deadline I'm aiming to meet.

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