Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!

Nothing will make a camera upload easily like a blog post that tells the whole world how impossible it is to upload pictures off your camera. These are the rest of the scarves I made over Christmas. Only the ones for Suellen and my dad were Christmas presents, but after Suellen decided she liked hers, she asked for another one, so she could wear them together. (That's stylish? What do I know? I just create.) My cousin and Carreen both liked Suellen's, so I made them each one, too. They're all based off of the same basic pattern, the one that I used to make Suellen's original scarf at Christmas. It's really quick, and even I - I'm not a quick crocheter - can whip one out in an evening while I'm watching tv.

Suellen's second scarf

Detail. These were all made from yarn I had laying around the house, some of which had been sitting around in random granny squares for years, which is why some of the fringe is so curly. I hoped/hope it will straighten out, but I don't really mind the effect, in case it doesn't.

My cousin's scarf. She liked Suellen's gray, black, and pink, but didn't want the pink.

Carreen's scarf. This one might be my favorite color combination.


I really liked making these scarves. If only I weren't living in yarn poverty, I'd be making more. If I could find some nice blue and gray yarn (which I'm sure I could if I could FIND A YARN STORE!), I'd be making Georgetown scarves for all my girlfriends based on this pattern, and Georgetown scarves for Rhett and all my guy friends based loosely on this pattern. We might be aiming for next basketball season, at this rate.

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