Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Blanket

Blanket, no flash

Blanket, flash.

Detail of the bottom corner. I like to try to make one corner square of every blanket a tiny little microcosm of the blanket as a whole. (It didn't work so well this time, since the corner square was designed and put together, and then I changed my mind about what the actual pattern of the blanket would be.)

These are the pictures of the blanket I made my baby cousin. I started it when I found out my aunt was pregnant (around Easter), worked on it on and off during the summer, buckled down during fall semester, and made myself finish it over Christmas. She was born in early November. I saw the family the day before the scheduled C-section, and was aiming to have it done by then. No dice. Then I aimed to have it done by Thanksgiving, the first time I saw her. Still no. ThenI aimed to have it done by Christmas, as a Christmas present. Then I made myself finish it before I left home for the next semester, and she got it right around her 2 month birthday. My original intention was blocks of color, each with a white center (thus the supposed microcosm), but then I decided against that and just made the blanket as random as possible - if by random you mean meticulously arranging it so that it looks as random as possible. It's blue, green, and yellow, with the occasional white square thrown in to make it look more random, and I was going to put a border of green, white, and more green on it, but my mom convinced me that it had to be yellow. (I put borders on all of my blankets, because I still haven't gotten the hang, after all this time, of joining squares evenly.)

I really like the way it turned out, but I'm still curious about what the original pattern would have looked like.

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