Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another scarf

Scarves were a big Christmas gift this year, because I had bullied my family into a non-commercial Christmas (or I'd tried, anyway - the clothes and digital camera my parents got us weren't exactly handmade). This is the one I made my dad. It's based on a pattern from my pattern-a-day calendar (this one attributed to Dinna Diaz of, but the effect was very different, since I used a size I instead of a size S hook, and I didn't add the fringe that seemed a pretty defining feature of the original. (Seemed a little girly for a man, and we have to protect my dad from his own impulses to wear whatever anyone gives him. That lavender sweater never should have seen the light of day in a men's department, but when it did, and he was given it, the poor man wore it for years.) It's crocheted using two yarns at once, something I'd never tried before. I absolutely loved the effect, and I think I'll do it again.

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