Monday, December 29, 2008

Brooklyn Man Lost on Coast Wins A Bride

Cute story, from the Brooklyn Standard Union (via

Three years ago Samuel SCHUHALTER, assistant manager of the Folly Theatre, felt that he needed a vacation. He decided to spend it with relatives in California. When he reached San Francisco he became confused and stopped a young woman and asked to be directed to the train that would take him to Pasadena. “I was going to ask you the same favor”, replied the young woman. They soon discovered that they were both from Brooklyn. And there started a romance. The young lady introduced herself as Miss Frances RASHAP, daughter of Rabbi Isaac RASHAP. Thursday night, in the presence of many friends, the couple were married at the The Chateau, 2560 Ocean avenue. Ida RASHAP was maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Harriett SCHUHALTER, Bella ROSINSKY, Esther ROSENBERG and Mildred LEISTEIN. Following the ceremony there was a reception. The couple will spend their honeymoon touring Europe. They will make their home in Manhattan Beach.

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