Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Logistics, Celebrations

In most blogs I read, bloggers who don't refer to their family and friends by their real names refer to them by some sort of handle. In this spirit, I'll be calling my boyfriend Rhett, for obvious reasons. Rhett and I have been dating for ten, in fact. Happy Anniversary, Rhett.

If I ever come up with appropriate handles for all or any of the other people in my life, those will be noted, as well.

For the record, I have issues with referring to x-month celebrations as "anniversaries," mostly because the word "anniversary" clearly has a Latin root referring to years, and not months, but whenever I've tried to coin a word to refer to a monthly "anniversary," I've had to discard it as seeming too ickily menstrual.

My first real post and I'm already bringing up menses. No one is ever going to read this blog.

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  1. Haha! 2 posts and I already like you!