Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Part III

1. After a long Christmas break, I came back to work on Monday and learned that all the men's rooms had become women's rooms, and all the women's rooms had turned into men's rooms. Very important information, indeed.

2. I've had this idea in my head that I'm a good influence on Rhett's eating habits. After all, I've introduced him to exotic foods like the eggplant, the mango, the avocado, and the kiwi, not to mention cookies baked from scratch, and sushi. Earlier this week, I learned that this is a two-way street. . . when he introduced me to the corndog.

3. Inauguration mania is making living in this city quite an experience. I'm pretty sure Bush's last inauguration - I was here for that one, too - was nothing like this, although as a college freshman, there may have been some hubbub that I missed because I was in a bubble and isolated from the real world. This time around is madness, though. I got an e-mail from a friend, who lives in Virginia, just outside the District, asking me if I could babysit Monday for a family she usually sits for. It ended with, "I'd do it myself, but I can't get there, because all the bridges will be closed." Absurdity!

4. Earlier this week, I was intrigued by signs posted on tree trunks and telephone poles around Rhett's neighborhood. (It's not a bad area, I swear.) These signs read something to the effect of "This has been declared a Prostitution-Free Zone by DC Metropolitan Police." Okay. Unsettling, but legitimate. Closer examination, though, would reveal that they also said, "In effect: 1/16/09 until 1/25/09." Really? Shouldn't the whole city, be a "prostitution-free zone," you know, all the time?

5. This weekend, Rhett and his friends are reviving an annual tradition, wherein they watch the previous season of 24 in real time. An hour per episode, starting at the time the season started (6 am), staying up for 24 straight hours. I've never even seen an episode of 24. I'm not sure why I've let myself be talked into attending this event, but I have. I'm looking forward to it, but with a degree of trepidation.

6. Grover Cleveland (my fish) is doing very poorly. I think the house got too cold during the day yesterday while my roommate and I were both at work. As I type this (Thursday evening), he is locked in the bathroom, because that is the room that heats up quickest, since it's smallest. Keep your fingers crossed.

7. I've been walking around in a fog all week. I'm not sure quite what's up with me. I can't carry on a conversation well, and since I've been meeting lots of new people, both at work and in my classes for the semester, I think I'm coming off quite poorly. I'm not usually much of a conversationalist, but I don't usually feel quite as incompetent and tongue-tied as I have been at almost every turn lately. When I was having drinks with my close friends, I could laugh and say, "Sorry, I've been such a poor conversationalist all day" when I mumble incoherently at a pleasantry, but that's an awkward thing to say to that new guy at work I've made small talk with twice.

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  1. Oh I am so glad that there is someone else in this wide world who has not watched "24". I thought that perhaps I was the only one.

    Found you through Conversion Diary. Good job on the rather new blog.

  2. You may try adding a small degree of warm water to your fish's water. Not too much; cooked fish isn't good, either. I didn't know there was anyone who hasn't had a corn dog before. I feel sorry for you living in DC this upcoming week!