Friday, January 2, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I started this blog just for kicks. About a day later, I realized that having it meant that I could participate in 7 Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary. I have never been so excited by the prospect of blogging! Of course, the week I start this is the week Jennifer skipped 7 Quick Takes Friday (what, a little thing like Christmas keeps you from blogging?), so I've been waiting and waiting for this day to come.

2. At Christmas Eve dinner, my cousin made a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. I cut myself a slice, and then realized I'd lost my fork - and forks were in short supply that night. I saw a fork on a table that, at first glance, looked clean, but as I picked it up I realized it had very clearly been used. I made sure no one was looking, wiped it on a napkin, and ate cheesecake. Another cousin cut herself a slice of cheesecake as I finished mine, and asked, "Can I use your fork?" In the interest of full disclosure, I told her where I'd gotten it, and she took it anyway and ate her cheesecake. I'm trying to convince myself and the world that this is indicative of a family that's very close-knit, but I'm pretty sure it's more indicative of a family with loose morals and poor hygiene that will stop at nothing for cheesecake.

3. My favorite word to text is "going," because you can type the whole thing just going (heh) back and forth between the 4 and the 6. It makes me so happy, every time.

4. The movie Doubt. Part of me wants to see it. It looks like a really good movie. The rest of me - the majority of me - wants to avoid it on principle, because it's just. so. tiring. that the only portrayal of the Church that anyone ever sees relates to sex abuse and scandal. Give me The Bells of St. Mary's any day. Except Doubt just looks like a really good movie.

5. I never go shopping. Really, never. It's not fun; I need to bring someone else, since I have no sense of style; and I can't justify spending the money - even when it's not mine. My parents gave me money to use to buy myself new clothes in August, and I put it off and put it off until this past Friday. Suellen and I went shopping at Loehmann's, and I bought tons of awesome things! Shopping isn't exciting, but having new things is! I went several years without owning any brown shoes, and now I can't stop looking at my feet in my cute new brown shoes, and I'm wearing them in my pajamas.

6. Speaking of shopping with my sister, we realized that we have strikingly different tastes. Everything I tried on elicited a response like, "Don't you want something a little spunkier?" until I started saying to all of her choices, "Don't you want something a little simpler?" When she pointed out that all my choices were solid colored with no pattern, I pointed out that the gray sweater was cabled. What does she want, polka dots?

7. Yesterday, my youngest sister, Carreen, came angrily into my bedroom and demanded her hairbrush back. "Why don't you just use your own?" she said. "Well," I responded rationally, "Suellen took mine, so I took yours." And I swear that it made perfect sense and seemed completely fair and logical until the words were leaving my mouth, at which point I became aware that, coming from a grown-up, that was not a reasonable excuse.

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