Friday, January 30, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Part V

1. My favorite genealogy tidbit I've come across so far is from the 1910 Census, when my great-great-grandmother and my great-great-grandfather, who were married to each other, answered the question "number of years in current marriage" with two different numbers. Two people in the same marriage could not possibly have been in that marriage for 16 and 17 years, respectively, right?

2. Karma is lying to your professor - because you had really sweet tickets to a Georgetown basketball game, even if the Hoyas did play like crap - and saying you were sick so you could skip class, and then waking up the very next morning with a sore throat, stuffy nose, and nagging cough. I'm not complaining. I deserved it. I know.

3. Overheard in DC:
Man on his cell phone, presumably with his wife: "I love you like Barack loves Michelle."

4. There was a girl in my class this morning, a girl from Florida, who said that today was the first time she'd ever seen real snow. I didn't know people like that still existed.

5. Just before the basketball game last Thursday - the one that took precedence over my History class - we went to a Happy Hour with some friends. One friend said, "I'm going to New York tomorrow. Want to come?" I said, "Yes." She turned to Rhett. "Want to come to New York with me and Scarlett?" He said, "Yes." We all packed that night, and left for New York the next day after work. I love being spontaneous.

6. In case anyone's wondering, Grover Cleveland the Betta fish is doing most wonderfully after his near brush with hypothermia a few weeks ago. Is it absurd that, mostly for his benefit, I'm leaving the heat on when there's no one home?

7. My New Year's Resolution to "get back in shape" has been moving pretty slowly. It has thus far been limited to taking the stairs at work. . . as long as I'm going down.

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