Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Job is done happily and well, customer is put first!

When I griped last week about having having lost $35 on a returned-check fee even though I could have sworn that my checking account had sufficient funds, I was right! I re-paid it, and worried that the amount hadn't been credited to my account quickly enough - maybe there was actually some problem - so I called up Student Accounts to check. I was only calling about that. The lovely girl I spoke with on the phone said my most recent payment was still pending and should post soon, and she took it upon herself - without my asking - to check into the the prior payment. It hadn't bounced, she said, but had been an invalid account. I must have made a typo when trying to pay it online the first time. So she offered - I didn't even have to ask - to remove the $35 fee and clear my account so I wouldn't have the record of a bounced check besmirching my good name in the Student Accounts office. (They penalize you more if you bounce more than one check.)

It was an unexpectedly pleasant phone call.

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