Friday, May 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Part XVII

1. At Suellen's graduation, I wore "nice" shoes for three days in a row. I may never walk again.
2. I haven't dried my hair in a week (I've been putting it in a French braid) because I couldn't find my hair dryer. I couldn't find it when I was packing to be away most of the past week, so I didn't bring it with me, and I couldn't find it when I got back to my apartment yesterday. I happened to need something unrelated from the drawer where my hair dryer belongs, and when I opened it, I was shocked - shocked - to see my hair dryer in its drawer. Why would I have ever put it away? It may belong in that drawer, but it lives on the floor next to that drawer, plugged in to the wall. It never even occurred to me to look there.
3. Speaking of hair dryers, here's a funny story that reveals quite a lot about me:
I was home over some break at some point during college, and hadn't brought a hair dryer, so I used my mother's. I didn't ask her, just used it and put it back where it came from. Some time later in the day, she made mention of the fact that I'd used it. "How did you know it was me?" I asked. (After all, there are two other girls in the house.) "Because when you put it away, the cord was wrapped around it just so with no twists or kinks."

It continues to boggle my mind that people can stand to put away their small appliances with the cords all loose and twisty and messy. I can't do it. (This once got me a job, when I used the hair dryer anecdote in an interview to illustrate that I'm neat and attentive to detail.)
4. I'm about to put my last sheet of pumpkin leather in the oven. I started my concerted effort to use pumpkin a little over two months ago, with the goal of finishing all the pumpkin in my freezer before I moved out of this apartment, and, on the day before I move out, I've finally succeeded. I'm a little sad to have closed the "pumpkin" chapter of my life, since I don't see myself saving mass quantities of pumpkin at any point in the near future. I've come across a few good recipes, though.
5. Remember when I mentioned the paper I had to do? That I couldn't get an extension on? I pulled an all-nighter the night before it was due (at 5 pm). I still had a few pages left to write, which I finished in the car. We stopped at a friend's house to pick up some things before heading to the memorial service, and I plugged my computer into his internet to e-mail my paper. When I signed into my e-mail account, there was an e-mail from the professor, from only a couple hours earlier (about 6 hours before the paper was due) offering an extension to the whole class. I was furious. You can't give me an extension to go to a memorial service, but you can give the whole class one on a whim? And not tell us until right before it's due? Like it's any good to me; clearly I'd had to finish my paper by then. On top of everything else, one of the reasons he gave me for not allowing me an extension was that grades had to be submitted by Wednesday. If he was so conscientious about submitting grades by Wednesday, why haven't I gotten my grade yet?
6. I don't get a lot of hits from Google searches, but I've noticed that this week, a number of people have been directed to Frankly, My Dear after searching for some variation on "NYU graduation speaker." Funny what happens when you actually blog about relevant things as they're happening. Maybe I should have paid more attention so I could have actually written something substantive.
7. Investigating that last phenomenon, I came across this NYU student (Tisch, I think) who live-Twittered graduation. Probably funnier if you were there, but I find it very amusing and true-to-life.

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