Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Monday Project

A fundraising idea from the Women's Health Center of Jacksonville, FL, to make the occasion of Obama's Commencement Speech at Notre Dame the biggest pro-life fundraiser ever. Will this be a positive or a negative moment in pro-life activism? The Monday Project asks, "Obama speaks at the University of Notre Dame on Sunday. What happens on Monday?"

If you donate through their website, they'll send a postcard to Notre Dame for you. If you take the opportunity to otherwise donate to pro-life causes to mark the occasion, I wouldn't hesitate to send your own announcement to Notre Dame. If you're an alum withholding donations from the university, consider donating your money to pro-life causes instead, and let the university - and how about the Obama administration? - know about it. Even if you're not all that worked up about Obama speaking at Notre Dame, consider it a reminder to donate to pro-life causes and help save lives.

Every little bit helps. I just donated. How about you?

H/T Amy Welborn

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