Monday, May 11, 2009

Fun Trivia About Deoderant

From CNN:

1. Be thankful for your foul body odor. According to anthropologist Louis Leakey, it might be responsible for early man's survival. Leakey's theory claims that most predators avoided feasting on humans because our body odor was "too repugnant."

2. Not only did the ancient Egyptians give us pyramids and flush toilets, they also pioneered the field of deodorants. Egyptians were the first to popularize the idea of applying scents to armpits, usually using cinnamon and other spices that wouldn't turn rancid in the heat.

3. The Roman poet Ovid preferred a more proactive solution. In Book III of the Art of Love, he cautions women against carrying goats under their arms.

Read the rest at CNN!

Just the other day, when I got on a bus next to someone who clearly hadn't showered in some time, it occurred to me that 1,000 years ago, everyone smelled like homeless people. Imagine what buses were like then!

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