Monday, May 25, 2009

Teach Your Boys

From the January 2, 1879 of the Brooklyn Standard Union, via

Teach them that a true lady may be found in calico quite as frequently as in velvet or white silk.

Teach them that a common school education with commonsense is better than a college education without it.

Teach them that one good, honest trade well mastered is worth a dozen beggarly "professions."

Teach them that "honesty is the best policy," that 'tis better to be poor than to be rich on the profits of "crooked whiskey," etc., and point your precepts by examples of those who are now suffering the torments of the doomed.

Teach them to respect their elders and themselves. Teach them that, as they expect to be a man someday, they cannot too soon learn to respect the weak and helpless.

Teach them that smoking in moderation, though the least of vices to which men are heirs, is the most disgusting to others and hateful to themselves.

Teach them that to wear patched clothes is no disgrace, but to wear a "black eye" is.

Teach them that God is no respecter of sex, and that when He gave the Seventh Commandment He meant it for them as well as for their sisters.

Teach them that by indulging their depraved appetites in the worst forms of dissipation they are not fitting themselves to become husbands of pure girls.

Teach them that it is better to be an honest man seven days in the week than to be a Christian one day and a villain six days.

Teach them that "God helps those who help themselves."

Do all this, and you will have brought them up "in a way they should go."

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