Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, the painful irony

Suellen's graduation today was beautiful, though my personal preference is for Georgetown's more intimate, more formal, more personal ceremony. Some of the speakers were great (Whoopi Goldberg at the Tisch graduation event yesterday was great, though I'm pretty sure there was a point where she implied that anyone who didn't get the interpretive dance number couldn't be human. Where does that leave me?)

Clinton was decent, although my sister remarked that she forgot she was at a graduation; she was right, it seemed a little like a press conference in both tone and content sometimes.

In the address, she actually said, "In the times that we face, we know we don't have a person to waste. . ."

Is it possible that someone as intelligent and well-educated and logical as she appears to be actually doesn't understand how many people, potentials, lives, and ideas abortion wastes, in this and any other time? Is it possible?

(As for yesterday's post, apparently I can't help thinking about the victims of abortion, graduation day or no graduation day.)

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