Friday, March 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Volume X

1. I've been thinking about getting my tonsils out. I wish I knew what the indicators were for needing your tonsils out. Is getting lots of sore throats enough? Because that's exactly what I've got. They're usually just part of a cold, but they're the first symptom I get, and they outlast the rest of the cold by weeks. I'll get over a cold, and feel completely fine and healthy, except for a lingering sore throat that won't go away. I got over my last cold weeks ago, but the sore throat only went away last week - and now I've got a whole new cold, complete with new sore throat. I felt so icky Tuesday morning, when this came on, that I skipped class and sat on the couch in my PJs all day.
2. On that note, am I the only one who likes crunchy foods when I have a sore throat? Chips, crackers, cookies, granola bars. The last thing I want when my throat hurts is what seems to be expected - yogurt, applesauce, ice cream. I'm wishing the only tortilla chips in my apartment didn't belong to my roommates, because I'd be eating them by the handful (instead of sneaking one or two at a time throughout the day, that is).
3. And on that note, I love the theory of feeding a cold and starving a fever. Totally gives me license to eat what I want. (Shouldn't, but does.) Especially because, when I have a cold, I feel like eating a lot (see #2). And since I came across this article, I figure that's just my body telling me to do what's best for me. Bodies love to do that.
4. So, I wrote my first three quick takes when I was sitting at home on Tuesday, miserable in the throes of a beginning of a terrible cold. I usually don't call in sick to work or class, but after skipping class Tuesday, I got up early to e-mail my boss that I wasn't coming in Wednesday, too. Then I went back to sleep for another 5 hours. When I woke up - still a little congested - I felt a million times better. You mean it might be better to take a break and recover than to forge bravely on ahead as if I weren't sick at all? On the other hand, it could be attributed to feeding my cold with cookies throughout the afternoon.
5. This Quick Take was almost a link to my cousin's music. She's and up-and-coming singer-songerwriter, and she's awesome. (That's not just bias speaking, everyone I know who's heard her thinks the same.) She was even on the radio recently. But then I chickened out, because I'm not sure I want the people I know in real life getting wind of this blogging thing until I'm a little more comfortable in my skin, at least. Best not to have any connections to the real world at first.
6. My crock pot meal was a great success. I love this thing.
7. A thought that I can't get rid of lately: Why can I accept on faith so easily something as literally incredible as bread and wine becoming Flesh and Blood at Mass, and yet have such trouble with something as conventional as sex being for marriage?


  1. #4 & #7: totally been there!!
    Haha I was sick tuesday, my day off of course :( But I was so glad to stay home wednesday! HAaaaaaaaa just feeling relax for two days in a row.. still congested too but I hope pasta will get me through it :)

    for sex and marriage I took me YEARS to get it... It finally made sense about 6 months before my wedding, then an other month or two before we actually stuck to resolutions.
    All I can say is learn about it!!!
    I would advice youtube, jason evert videos. Seriously they are for teens but they are very smart :)
    And of course, learn about your body, about your fertility and about contraception "failure" rates. Very interesting. check an NFP class.
    Take your time and pray to be humble (seriously that was my biggest problem)

    Also you let a comment on my blog about a picture. I first saw it on facebook, on some pro-life group. There is some radicalist guy who post hundreds of pictures on all pro-choice and pro-life groups. I was thinking about this picture but I left facebook so all I found was this version.. sorry I can't help more.

  2. Hi, I found your quick takes from Jen's site. Sorry I don't have any advice for the sore throat, I think I have heard tho about tonsils being a culprit.

    And I understand about not wanting people in real life to know about your blog's so personal, isn't it? Kinda laying yourself on the line. But keep it up and everyone will love it.

    Also, even though I'm married with kids, I still can't reconcile my thoughts about sex before marriage. I remember thinking...but God would want me to fully give myself when I love this person soooo much...right? I could justify it any way I wanted. Now I wish I hadn't justified it, and just waited. There's alot to be said for waiting. And I wish someone had said it to me. But our society makes it so normal for sex to be a natural extension of dating. It's just hard to avoid the feeling that it's perfectly fine.

    Good luck on all that!