Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Anti-War Protests at Church

An article from my home-town paper about a group who's protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by showing up at churches on Sunday morning, during services, and holding banners - not outside, but inside the church - with anti-war messages.

Anti-war protesters take cause to churches

I have nothing against anti-war protests - I might even agree with them; the war's one of those issues where I'm not sure where I stand - but this is absurd, not to mention rude. They say they've "visited" Protestant, Catholic, and Unitarian churches, but no synagogues or African-American churches.

I wonder how either of my churches would react if something similar happened. I think the ideal would be to ignore them completely, having them quietly escorted out if there are ushers available, but I can't help but assume that they would cause a major distraction, pull everyone's focus away from the Mass, and make it hard to regain concentration, even after they'd left.

Here's a blog post, from the newspaper's religion blog, discussing whether their tactics are even legal.

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