Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I came across this blog about Synchronicity. It's kind of New Age-y for me, perhaps, but a good opening for one of the coolest coincidences I've experienced.

A few months ago - it was Homecoming, I think, so in September or October - a number of friends and I were meeting for dinner in Georgetown. As Rhett and I sat on the bus, me crocheting (I was still working on the baby blanket then), the bus made a stop and four of my friends got on. They thought it was a moderately cool coincidence - until Rhett and I explained that we hadn't gotten on the bus together. With no more plans than to meet at a certain restaurant at a certain time, I'd gotten on the bus near my house. As it passed Rhett's apartment, he got on. And several stops later, the rest of my friends got on.

I think having watched everyone get on in succession left me much more impressed than everyone else. Plus, I'm easily amused.

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