Thursday, March 12, 2009

How many popes do you know?

Rhett and I and some of our friends have been addicted to lately. It asks you to race against the clock to list things - Beatrix Potter tales, NBA teams, first ladies' names, Asian countries, Angelina Jolie movies. I thought that this one was particularly interesting, and particularly challenging - How many popes can you name? I got about 100 (of course, almost a quarter of those were Johns), but I missed some easy ones. You need to include the pertinent Roman numeral, too - so John I, John II, John III, etc. (I used C&P for the Johns so I only had to type the numerals. Is that cheating?)

Most of the other religion games are a little boring (Can you complete the Hail Mary? Can you complete the Lord's Prayer?) but there are lots of cool games. Political uber-nerds like Rhett can even try to list US Senators by state, and people who know pop culture can list name who played James Bond in which Bond film. (I skipped both of those.)

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